ANSI class 600 ball valve Flanged

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ANSI class 600 ball valve Flanged

Material: forged steel A105, F304, F316
Size: 2″-48″
Standard: ANSI class 600
Structure: fixed ball

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ANSI class 600 ball valve Flanged Specifications

class 600 ball valve American standard cast steel adopts casting material, pressure 600LB, fixed ball structure, can be switched by hand lever or worm gear box, made of carbon steel and stainless steel

lass 600 Flanged Ball Valve

class 600 ball valve

  1. Leak-proof valve stem

In order to prevent the valve stem from flying causing abnormal internal pressure rise of the valve, the shoulder is fixed on the lower part of the stem. In addition, in order to prevent the leakage caused by the burnout of the valve stem packing in a fire, the thrust bearing is at the contact position of the lower shoulders between the valve stem and the valve body, thus forming a sealing seat which will prevent leakage and avoid accidents.

  1. Key locker

The lock can be used to lock the manual valve when it is fully open or closed, preventing shutdown personnel from handling, which may cause the action of the valve. It can also avoid electric shock caused by the opening or closing of the valve, and unpredictable factors, which may cause In the event of accidents in working pipelines such as flammable and explosive oil, natural gas and chemicals, or for on-site pipelines, the locking device is particularly useful.

API ANSI ASME Class600 Ball Valves

lass 600LB Flanged Ball Valve
  1. Fire safety structure

When the trunnion ball valve is in normal use, its capped seat and spherical method, seat retainer o-ring and stamped body, which is soft seal, reliable sealing when the seat and o-ring are damaged, seat retainer and The body will be stamped with expanded graphite which acts for fire safety purposes.

  1. Anti-static equipment

In order to prevent the friction between the ball, stem and PTFE to generate static electricity that may ignite flammable materials and explosives, causing accidents, in this ball valve, the static conduction spring is between the stem and the ball, the stem and the body, so the static electricity is the ground and the system Security is guaranteed.

600LB flanged ball valve

  1. Leak free body seal structure

Smooth, the switch position of the valve body and bonnet double cap gasket and o-ring, on this basis, such reasons as fire, high temperature, shock absorption and uneven opening or closing torque will not cause Outer leaks.

  1. Double Block Bleeding (DBB)

When the ball is in the fully open or closed position, the transmitter material body can be released from the center of the cavity to drain and drain the device. In addition, very central pressure inside the valve cavity can be released to low pressure over its own rescue seat.

  1. Emergency seal

Composite injection hole design and composite injection valve installed on the stem/cap and body side of the support valve when the seal stem or seat is damaged to induce leakage, this compound can be used as a second seal for concealed check valves There are composite injection valves installed beside it to prevent the compound from flowing out due to the action of the substance, the injection valve on the top of the transmitter composite and the composite quick connect connector to the injection gun.

  1. Reduce the recess of the automatic valve body

When the body pressure rises abnormally, such as unstable factors, the downstream seat of the trunnion ball valve will be under normal pressure, and the abnormal pressure will be automatically released at the same time, without damaging the seal of the upstream seat.

  1. Various drive types-class 600 ball valve

The valve top pad is designed according to ISO 5211, which is convenient for communication and connection of various drives. The common drive types are manual, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic/hydraulic.

Chinese Flanged ball valve made in China

ANSI class 600 ball valve Flanged Manuals

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