V-port Segment Pneumatic Ball Valve (Wafer)

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V-port Segment Pneumatic Ball Valve (Wafer)

Technical Specification
Size Range
1” ~20” (DN25~DN500)
Pressure Rate
DIN PN10, 16, 25, 40,63; ANSI
Body Material
WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, etc.
Metal Seat
CF8+HCr/304+STL, CF8M+HCr/316+STL,
CF3+HCr/304L+STL, etc.
Nitriding/Tungsten Carbide/Satellite
Alloy/Nickle Base Alloy plating are
available for abrasive media.
Soft Seat
Devlon/PEEK/PCTFE are available
End Connection
Flange Type
Face to Face
ISA S75.04, IEC/DIN 534-3-2
Temp. Range:
-29℃ ~ 240℃ with Soft Seat
-29℃ ~ 350℃ with Metal Seat
Seal Tightness:
Metal Seat
Class V (standard), Class VI (with
Tungsten Carbide coated trim)
Soft Seat
Class VI
Valve Trim Rotation
Clockwise to close
Flow Characteristic
Equal Percentage

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V-port Segment Pneumatic Ball Valve (Wafer) Specifications

The v-port segment ball valve is primarily
designed for flow control, and it can also be used for shut-off
operation. The notched port on the segment ball contributes
to strong shear stress to cut through media with fibers and
particles. Consequently, this v-port segment valve is a good
general control valve for most pulp and paper process
applications, or similar flow contains fibers and particles.

1659278889585 - China valve
1.  BodyWCBCF8CF8M
2.  V-port SegmentCF8+HCrCF8+HCrCF8M+HCr
3.  Pin304304316
4.  Seat304+STL304+STL316+STL
5.  Spring316L316L316L
7.  Bearing304+PTFE304+PTFE316+PTFE
8.  Lower Stem304304316
9.  O-ringVitonVitonViton
10.Packing GlandWCBCF8CF8M
13. WasherQ235304316
14/15 Bolt25304304
18/19/20. PackingPTFE or GraphitePTFE or GraphitePTFE or Graphite
21. Packing GlandWCBCF8CF8M
22. NutQ235304304
23. Upper Stem304304316

• Single-piece body prevents leaks caused by separate flanges or locking rings.
V-port Segment Ball:
• Specially designed V-notch ball provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing.
Well ground notched ball surface ensures small operating torque and tight seal,
especially for metal seated segment valve.
• Special seat design eliminates cavity between seat and valve body. This,
consequently, prevents media from jamming between seat and body, ensure reliable
Seal Surface
• Nitriding/Tungsten Carbide/Satellite Alloy/Nickle Base Alloy plating are available for
abrasive media.
• Stem is finely grounded to match actuator excellently, which prevents rocking motion
and potential failure of the v-port segmented valve.
• Close-fit spline or pin-key are available for stem-segment ball connection to provide
reliable transmission without motion lost or dead band.

1659279668590 - China valve

Pulp and Paper/Waste Water Treatment/ Food and
Beverage/Chemical Plants/ Power Plants/ Steel Industry/Etc.

V-port Segment Pneumatic Ball Valve (Wafer) Manuals

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