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·Aitam two valves were identified as the first (set) products in Shandong Province

·Anhui Tunxi valve butterfly valve products passed high temperature low leakage test

·Sinopec signed cooperation agreements on hydrogen energy industry chain construction with 8 units

·10 million yuan was compensated, and the rights of Guangdong Yongquan valve were successfully protected

·Edwell butterfly valve helps Dacheng Petrochemical reconstruction and expansion project enter the equipment installation and commissioning stage

·Zhejiang Linuo’s expected revenue in the first half of the year reached 413 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38%

·Antway’s “high temperature control valve for a test bench of high efficiency low carbon gas turbine” passed the design scheme review

·Zhonghuan group plans to acquire 100% equity of OPEC valve for 4.284 million yuan


Etam fluid

Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology announced the list of enterprises and products producing the first (sets) of technical equipment and key core parts in Shandong Province in 2022, and a total of 274 qualified equipment products were identified. Among them, the “bellows control valve” and “oxygen control valve” of Etam fluid company were recognized as the first (set) products in Shandong Province.


Tunxi valve

Recently, the butterfly valve products of Anhui Tunxi high pressure valve Co., Ltd. carried out ISO 15848-1:2015 and TA-LUFT high temperature and low leakage type tests under the witness of Hefei General mechanical and electrical products testing institute and Nande TUV experts. After 205 switching cycles, the leakage rate of the butterfly valve products met the standard requirements.


SINOPEC (China Petrochemical Corporation

On July 14, at the meeting for promoting the construction of modern industrial chain of hydrogen energy application and high-quality development forum, relevant enterprises affiliated to Sinopec signed cooperation agreements on the construction of hydrogen energy industrial chain with 8 units, including Henan airport group, Baowu clean energy company, FAW Jiefang company, Shanghai reconstruction, China hydrogen energy alliance, China Classification Society, hydrogen Science Center of Materials College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Wuhan Lvdong hydrogen energy company of state power investment, Work together to create a modern industrial chain of hydrogen energy application and promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry.


Yongquan valve

Recently, in response to the case of Guangdong Yongquan Valve Technology Co., Ltd. suing Yongquan Valve Co., Ltd. (Dongguan) for infringement of trademark rights and unfair competition, the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court conducted a second instance judgment, determined the infringement of Yongquan Valve Co., Ltd. (Dongguan), and ordered it to compensate Guangdong Yongquan Valve Technology Co., Ltd. for economic losses of 10 million yuan.


Edwell Beijing ruituo

Recently, the EPC project of Huizhou Dacheng Petrochemical reconstruction and expansion project has entered the stage of equipment installation and commissioning. The pneumatic four eccentric all metal butterfly valve produced by edwell Beijing ruituo Jiangnan automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. has been fully mobilized, and the installation and commissioning work has been completed, helping the development of the chemical industry in Daya Bay. The reconstruction and expansion project of Dacheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 250 million yuan. It will build 10 storage tanks with a capacity of 280000 m3 and an annual turnover of 2.59 million tons of oil products. The EPC unit of the project is the 14th construction company of China Chemical Engineering Corporation.


Zhejiang Linuo

On the evening of July 19, Zhejiang Linuo released a performance forecast. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in the first half of 2022 will be 43 million yuan to 46 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 10.86% ~ 18.59%. It is estimated that the operating income will reach 413 million yuan, with an expected year-on-year increase of 38%. The main reason for the change in performance is that Zhejiang Linuo actively explored the market, improved products and services, and sales orders increased significantly compared with the previous period, thus achieving a substantial increase in operating income. However, due to the rise in raw material prices and the rise in supply chain and logistics prices caused by the multi-point spread of the epidemic, the company’s net profit has been affected to a certain extent.



Recently, Suzhou antway Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. held the review meeting of “high efficiency and low carbon gas turbine test device national major scientific and technological infrastructure project – high temperature control valve of a test bench” in Lianyungang base. After inquiry and discussion by the expert group of the review meeting, it was unanimously agreed that the design scheme was approved.



On July 20, 2022, Zhonghuan shares (836260. BJ), a listed company on the Beijing stock exchange, issued an announcement on the purchase of assets. According to the announcement, based on the needs of the company’s business development and business expansion, the company plans to acquire 100% of the equity of Chengdu oupute control valve Co., Ltd. at a price of 4.284 million yuan