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Fintoil, together with Neste engineering solutions, chose Emerson’s automation software and technology to maximize the operational performance of its biorefinery in the port of hamina Kotka, Finland. The plant will become the world’s third largest crude tall oil (CTO) biorefinery, producing advanced biofuels and biochemical raw materials, which will help reduce emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.


Kaifeng valve College

On the morning of June 18, the commencement ceremony of the production education integration research and development center of Kaifeng valve college was successfully held in building 6. Zheng Xiaoli, member of the Standing Committee of the Gulou District CPC Committee and director of the United Front Work Department of Kaifeng City, song Chaozhong, deputy director of the District, Deng Wei, deputy director of the United Front Work Department, Secretary of the Party group of the Federation of industry and commerce, Cao Zhen, vice chairman, song Xiaowei, President of Kaifeng University, Li Zhi, vice president, and heads of relevant administrative departments attended the commencement ceremony. The teachers of the school of mechanical and automotive engineering and the school of valves in Bianbian and the staff of the decoration company attended the commencement ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhu Yuefeng, President of the College of mechanical and automotive engineering and executive president of the College of valves.


Pumped storage

The video conference on promoting the development and construction of pumped storage (hereinafter referred to as “pumped storage”) projects held on June 10 required that the development and construction of pumped storage projects should be accelerated, the high-quality development of pumped storage should be promoted, the industrial chain of pumped storage should be well coordinated, and all links such as investment, design, construction, operation and equipment manufacturing should be coordinated. The meeting proposed to plan the adjustment of power equipment manufacturing structure in advance, improve the manufacturing capacity of unit equipment, and meet the current and future needs of large-scale construction of pumped storage. While vigorously developing large-scale pumping and storage projects, we will actively promote the development of small and medium-sized pumping and storage according to local conditions, and pay close attention to launching demonstration applications.


Germany Bingde

In June 2022, Germany Bingde signed a contract for the intelligent aeration control system of the East water purification plant of Shanwei City of Guangdong water affairs. The water purification plant in the east of Shanwei City has a scale of 100000 tons / day and adopts AAO + MBBR Process. It is an all buried sewage treatment plant. Germany Bingde is equipped with a set of vacomass intelligent aeration control system for this project, including jet streamlined air conditioning valve and thermal gas mass flowmeter. In combination with process characteristics, the plant has made special policies to build a smart, intelligent and high-efficiency water purification plant for Yuehai water.


Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station

At 21:35 on June 23, with the successful completion of the 168 hour trial operation test, unit 6 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station in Liaoning was officially ready for commercial operation, marking the full operation of 6 units of phase I and phase II of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station, the first nuclear power station in Northeast China and the largest electric energy investment project in Northeast China, and becoming the nuclear power station with the largest installed capacity in operation in China.


Chongqing Chuanyi

On June 29, 2022, China General Machinery Industry Association and China Machinery Industry Federation organized and held the “42” class150 LNG low temperature butterfly valve “product prototype verification meeting developed by Chongqing Chuanyi regulating valve Co., Ltd. in Beijing, Chongqing and other places by combining on-site and video. The verification meeting was co chaired by Huang Li, President of China General Machinery Industry Association, and Sui Yongbin, former chief engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation.


Tunxi high pressure valve

Recently, Anhui Tunxi high pressure valve Co., Ltd. successfully completed the delivery of the jumbo class stainless steel large-diameter gate valve. The valve has a diameter of 44 inches and is made of stainless steel. It is designed, developed and produced by the company until it is sent to the customer’s construction site. The smooth processing of this valve has laid a solid foundation for the processing of large-diameter valves of the company.


Harbin electric valve

Recently, the construction project of the ultra supercritical safety valve test platform of the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly undertaken by Harbin electric valve company and Chongqing Hechuan Power Generation Co., Ltd. of the State Power Investment Group successfully passed the on-site witness of experts from the national pump and valve product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Hefei General Electromechanical Product Testing Institute Co., Ltd.), which is another major milestone in the construction of the test platform, It marks that the construction of the only safety valve test platform in China and even the world that has reached ultra supercritical parameters has been basically completed, and the test conditions have been met, which has laid a solid foundation for the final acceptance and popularization of the project.