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Lug type butterfly valves is divided into full lug butterfly valve and half lug butterfly valve, ASIAV has the most kinds of lug butterfly valve, you can choose what you need on the product page below

ASIAV Lug type Butterfly Valves Series

Lug Butterfly Valve

The lug type butterfly valve can be driven by manual, worm gear, pneumatic, and electric, and the structure can be selected from center line, double eccentric (high-performance butterfly valve), and triple eccentric, and the sealing structure can be selected from soft seal and hard seal. 10Mpa, Class150-1500, the nominal diameter is 40mm-2000mm, and the material can be selected from ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

Lug Butterfly Valve Installation - China valve
Installation drawing of lug butterfly valve

How to connect lug butterfly valve

The lug butterfly valve has two connection methods. Because the bolt holes of the lug butterfly valve are different, they can be divided into through-type pressure holes and threaded hole-type pressure holes.

The through-type pressure hole is similar to the wafer-type butterfly valve, and the installation method is the same. The stability will be better than that of the wafer-type butterfly valve, but it is not as good as the flange-type butterfly valve.

The threaded hole type pressure hole, the installation method is different from the wafer type and flange type butterfly valve, each of its pressure holes has a thread, when connecting with the flange on the pipeline, the bolt passes through the flange piece, like screwing a screw In the same way, tighten the bolts and fix them with nuts.

Types of lug butterfly valves

You can definitely choose what you need from the many lug butterfly valves above, or you can contact us directly, and we will provide you with valve information and quotations in a timely manner.