JIS 20K Gate Valve Flanged – SCS13 SCS14 SCPH2

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JIS 20K Gate Valve Flanged – SCS13 SCS14 SCPH2

Design standard: JIS B2071
Structure length: JIS 2002
Face to face: JIS 2220
Inspection & Test: JIS B2003
NPS: 50A-500A
Material:SCS13 SCS14 SCPH2

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JIS 20K Gate Valve Flanged – SCS13 SCS14 SCPH2 Specifications

JIS 20K gate valve is a Japanese standard valve. The valve adopts OS&Y stem, Rising Stem, has hand wheel operation, clockwise rotation valve closes, counterclockwise rotation valve opens.

China JIS 20K Gate Valve Manufacturer

JIS 20K Flanged Gate Valve Structure diagram
Structure diagram

Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, nitric acid, air, nitrogen, ammonia, nitric acid, acetic acid, etc.

Design and Manufacture

Face To Face

  Flange Dimension

Pressure   Temperature Lating
Inspection and Test
JIS B2073 B2083JIS B2002JIS B2212 B2214JIS B2073 B2083JIS B2003

Carbon Steel Rising Stem JIS 20K Flange Gate Valve

JIS 20K Flange Gate Valve
Carbon steel daily standard gate valve

In addition to carbon steel, we can also produce stainless steel and cast iron Japanese standard gate valves

Japanese standard 20K gate valve

①The product design and manufacture meet the requirements of JIS standard, with reliable sealing and excellent performance.

② The structure design is compact and reasonable, and the shape is beautiful.

③Using wedge-type elastic gate structure, medium and large diameter rolling bearings, easy to open and close.

④The valve body has a complete variety of materials, and the packing and gasket are reasonably selected according to the actual working conditions or user requirements, which can be applied to various pressure, temperature and medium working conditions.

⑤Using a variety of piping flange standards and flange sealing surface types to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.

JIS 20K Gate Valve Flanged – SCS13 SCS14 SCPH2 Manuals

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