Types of ball valves

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Types of ball valves?A ball valve is a type of isolation valve and is the most commonly used valve in industry due to its excellent operating characteristics. Ball valves can be welded, threaded, and flanged, and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, temperatures, pressures, and tight shutoffs.

Types of ball valves

According to the valve body components, ball valves are divided into three types.

● One piece ball valve
● Side entry: Two-piece ball valve
● Side entry: three-piece ball valve
● Top entry ball valve

According to the different bulbs are divided into two categories.

● floating ball valve
● Trunnion ball valve

On the basis of the aperture profile, ball valves are classified into three types.

● Full bore ball valve
● Reduced diameter ball valve
● Segmented ball valve
● Multi-port ball valve

On the basis of connection type, ball valves are divided into three types.

● Flanged ball valve

● Welded ball valve

● Threaded ball valve

For different valve body materials, ball valves are divided into:

❏ Brass ball valve
❏ Carbon steel ball valve
❏ Stainless steel ball valve
❏ PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ball valves
❏ PP (polypropylene) ball valves
❏ GFPP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene) Ball Valves
❏ PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) ball valves
❏ PE (polyethylene) ball valves

According to the different modes of operation, three types of ball valves are also made.

● Manual ball valve
Pneumatic ball valve
Electric ball valve