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Butterfly valve refers to a valve whose closing member (disc or butterfly plate) is disc-shaped and can be turned around the valve shaft to achieve the ON/OFF effect.You can find the metal seated butterfly valve or Resilient seated butterfly valve you need below.

ASIAV Butterfly Valves Series

Butterfly valve types

Butterfly valves are divided into: Double flanged butterfly valves, Lug type Butterfly Valves, Wafer Butterfly Valves
According to the driving method, it is divided into: electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, worm gear butterfly valve, handle butterfly valve
According to the structure it is divided into: Concentric Butterfly Valves, Double Offset butterfly valves (high performance butterfly valves), Triple Offset butterfly valves
According to the sealing form,it is divided into: Resilient seated Butterfly Valves, metal seated butterfly valves

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Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in China

ASIAV is the best butterfly valve factory. It mainly produces various types of butterfly valves. It has a comprehensive butterfly valve variety and can better select butterfly valves for customers.

Butterfly Valves
Types of Butterfly Valves

The composition of butterfly valve

A butterfly valves is a valve used for flow regulation in large pipe diameters in which the disc takes the form of disk. Operation is similar to that of a ball valve. A plate or disc is positioned in the center of the pipe. The disc has a rod passing through it that is connected to an actuator on the outside of the valve. Rotating the actuator turns the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. Unlike a ball valve, the disc is always present within the flow, therefore a pressure drop is always induced in the flow, regardless of valve position.

Butterfly valve material

Valve body: stainless steel, ductile iron, cast steel, duplex steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum bronze, etc.
Valve plate: stainless steel, ductile iron + electroplating, duplex steel, aluminum bronze, etc.
Seat: PTFE, EPDM, NBR, VITON, SI, etc.